Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Alex Woo Discusses ‘Third Generation Stevia’ at Prepared Foods


Dr. Alex Woo, Chief Innovation Officer of Nascent Health Sciences, took the stage at the Prepared Foods conference in Chicago earlier this month to deliver a seminar on Third Generation Stevia. Renowned for his industry-leading R&D work in food science and his expertise in taste and smell neuroscience, Dr. Woo explored the current state of technology for stevia and its new opportunities for food and beverage companies. Recent advances now allow brands like SoPure to extract and commercialize a new generation of better tasting glycosides for sweetening products. The preview below outlines the key highlights from the seminar.

For more insights from Third Generation Stevia or to view the full presentation, please contact a SoPure representative to assist you.

In addition to Dr. Woo’s seminar, SoPure and Nascent Health were represented on the expo floor at Prepared Foods where conference attendees had the chance to taste for themselves our new glycosides. We shared samples of a tropical punch beverage with a 60% sugar reduction — sweetened using a variety of SoPure stevia products, including Pinnacle, Crest, and Andromeda. Samplers gave overwhelmingly positive feedback on the product demos, noting a significant taste improvement over traditional stevia sweeteners.

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