SoPure Stevia extracts can be used across a broad range of product applications in foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, animal feed and other systems where a high potency, zero calorie, natural sweetener is the preferred option to caloric natural or artificial high potency sweeteners.

Product Applications

Stevia extracts have been successfully incorporated into a wide of products including:

  • Beverages: Carbonated Soft Drinks, Energy Drinks, Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, Sport Drinks, Powder Soft Drinks
  • Baked Goods: Breads, Cakes, Cookies, Brownies, Pies, Cereal Bars
  • Condiments / Sauces: Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Pickles, Steak Sauces
  • Confections: Hard and Soft Candies, Chewing Gums, Chocolates, Chocolate Powders
  • Dairy Products: Yoghurts, Ice Creams, Frozen Novelties
  • Tabletop Sweeteners: tablets, liquids, powders
  • Personal Care: Cosmetics, Lipsticks, Mouth Washes, Toothpaste, Cough Syrup, Dietary Supplements, Protein Drinks, Replacement Meal Drinks, Vitamin bars

Stevia extracts perform well in sugar reduced formulations and lightly sweetened systems. The sweetness profile of stevia is slightly delayed compared to sucrose as with most high potency sweeteners and lingers longer than sucrose.

Stacking Strategy

The sweetness onset, peak and lingering of the best tasting stevia extract can be noticeably improved by combining with other plant-based sweeteners and natural flavors. More specifically, a blend of stevia and monk fruit extracts will taste better than either will alone. In addition, the sweetness onset can be shortened and peak increased by blending with plant-based non/low caloric bulk sweeteners erythritol and allulose. Lastly, taste and smell neuroscience studies in recent years have demonstrated that retronasal “sweet smell” in the nose enhances “sweet taste” in the mouth. This “crossmodal integration” means we can use natural flavor to make the sugar free and reduced sugar foods and beverages formulated with stevia seem even sweeter.

SoPure Stevia Application Support

Nascent’s Research, Development and Application group in Americas and Asia can provide food and beverage formulation guidance to selected customers. Starting formula for beverages including carbonated soft drinks and iced teas, and foods such as yogurt and cookies are available from Nascent’s food formulation library.