SoPureTM as a Natural Flavor

To apply SoPureTM stevia for natural flavor labeling, please reference the FEMA GRAS guidelines below on appropriate use levels for each of our products.


Regulatory Requirements to Label as a Natural Flavor

Reb A 60

FEMA 4771, Beverages: < 30 ppm
Reb A 80

FEMA 4772, Beverages: < 35ppm
Reb A 99

FEMA 4601, Beverages: < 30ppm
Reb C

FEMA 4720, Beverages: < 400ppm
Glycosylated or Enzyme Modified,


Contact us for use level guidelines
  • Pending your company’s regulatory assessment, Reb A flavors cannot be combined with each other, but can potentially be combined with Reb C or glycosylated.
  • Please contact the Nascent Technical Committee for questions