SoPureTM as a Natural Flavor

To apply SoPureTM stevia for natural flavor labeling, please reference the FEMA GRAS guidelines below on appropriate use levels for each of our products. For the most up to date information, you may visit

  • Our interpretation of the FEMA Guidelines is that products cannot combine multiple flavors with modifying properties (FMPs) and still be labeled as natural flavor. However, we’d advise your regulatory team to review the guidelines and determine your company’s point of view. For example, if a product uses Reb M 80 at 15ppm and Reb A 80 at 30ppm, it should probably be labeled as stevia leaf extract. If a product only uses Reb A 60 at 25ppm, it can be labeled as natural flavor, assuming there are no other FMPs in the formula.
  • Please contact the Nascent Technical Committee for questions