Do You Know Where Your Stevia Comes From?

Is your stevia supply as natural, consistent and cost-efficient as it should be? Without full visibility into your stevia supply chain, you wouldn’t know. Multi-layered distributors and suppliers often result in inconsistent stevia quality and high cost. 

Your Product. Your Stevia.

Seize control of your stevia supply. With vertically integrated stevia production and 100% chain of custody, SoPure™ ensures you know where your stevia is coming from.



Our customizable Select Your Stevia program provides full traceability of
your stevia supply from seed selection to plantation to extract.

Responsible Sourcing

Only environmentally sustainable and fair-trade farming practices are
employed, audited by SEDEX and URSA. Our stevia is grown with strict
adherence to the guiding principles of the Global Agricultural and Food
Security Program.

Consistent Quality

With 60+ known glycosides in the stevia plant, SoPure™ stevia optimizes
key markers using multipoint standardization to guarantee the best and
most consistent tasting products.

Our Sustainable Agronomy