Nascent Set to Deliver “Hundreds of Metric Tons” of High Purity Natural Stevia in 2021

As the world’s largest producer of stevia leaf extracts, we believe natural is better. While other manufacturers or sellers of stevia often rely on fermentation technologies to synthesize their supply at sufficient scale, Nascent Health Sciences is focused on naturally grown and farmed stevia. We’ve invested tens of millions of dollars in research & development on extraction technologies to improve the sustainability, quality and usability of our stevia supply. We’ve developed proprietary agronomy processes to maximize the natural occurrence of glycosides like Reb A, Reb D, and Reb M. Perfected through years of innovation, our extraction methods preserve and make these compounds available in ready-to-use forms for our manufacturing customers.

The unique strengths of our manufacturing approach are proving to be especially critical in these uncertain times. With a global economy hit hard by the pandemic, production volumes of stevia plantations across China have reportedly seen dramatic declines in 2020. Price volatility and supply security are serious concerns in the stevia marketplace. However, Nascent is well-positioned to mitigate any such concerns with the economies of our manufacturing scale. We remain committed to meeting the fast-growing marketplace demand for better-tasting stevia through sustainable farming practices and natural extraction methods. This commitment is already coming to fruition as we expect to be able to deliver hundreds of metric tons of high purity steviol glycosides like Reb D and Reb M in 2021.

This Month in Stevia News

Sweet headlines, research findings, and news stories from around the industry on natural sweeteners and sugar reduction

Consumers perceive sugar worse than fat and salt for health

Source: IFT

A study of 858 people by University of Nottingham found that foods with high sugar content were perceived to be the worst for your health, beating out fat and salt by a wide margin.

9 Natural Substitutes for Sugar

Source: Healthline

Healthline’s list of “9 research-backed healthy alternatives” to sugar had stevia landing in the #1 spot because it is “100% natural, contains zero calories, and has no known adverse health effects.”

War on sugar to intensify as a result of COVID-19


Could COVID-19 accelerate the war on sugar? New survey from FMCG Gurus shows 80% of consumers are trying to eat and drink healthier, while 57% are looking to reduce their sugar intake.

Natural Sweeteners Gain Popularity with Sugar-Conscious Consumers

Source: The Food Institute

How are natural sweeteners like stevia being used in the restaurant industry? Although consumer demand is moving away from sugar, dining out has yet to catch up.

The Food Institute Podcast: Sweet on Stevia

Source: The Food Institute

The Food Institute goes in-depth in this podcast interview with the International Stevia Council to discuss the surging popularity of stevia, the history of how the stevia industry developed, and the future of where it’s headed.

Published July 6th, 2020