Stevia Formulation Tips for Beverages

Stevia Formulation Tips for Beverages

BevTech Canada 2020

Technical Director Hank Wang recently had the honor of presenting at the annual BevTech Canada conference hosted by the International Society of Beverage Technologists. Hank’s presentation on “Formulation Tips for Stevia” garnered great interest from attendees eager to learn more about the science of successful stevia applications.

Among a variety of topics and insights on stevia formulation, the presentation delivered a strategic overview of the sweeteners market and how, out of a market crowded with an abundnace of high intensity sweetener options, stevia became the plant-based sweetener of choice for beverage manufacturers. Hank also shared insights on how to best formulate products with various glycosides in order to maximize cost savings on raw materials for manufacturers.

In addition, the presentation dives into various insights on the sweeteners currently on the market:

  • How natural stevia extraction is produced from harvest, to purification to finished product
  • Sweetener trends for the beverage industry
  • Product releases by sweetener type and new product launches by region
  • Market size projections broken down by region
  • Consumer priorities in foods, snacks and beverages
  • Formulation tips for a complete range of applications including “stacking” strategies
  • Comparison of sweeteners by sweetness level and bulk pricing

If you’re interested in seeing the full presentation, please contact our team for a consultation on how SoPureTM Stevia can help you with your product formulation needs.

Published October 4th, 2020