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This Month in Stevia News

This Month in Stevia News

Sweet headlines, research findings, and news stories from around the industry on natural sweeteners and sugar reduction

Sweetener trends balance health and indulgence

Source: Food Business News

Donut and Apple

Consumers have a love-hate relationship with non-nutritive sweeteners. Stevia comes in at that “sweet spot” of health benefits + indulgent flavors + all-natural.

Sugar reformulation: sweet but not so simple

Source: New Food Magazine

sugar on spoon

Sugar reformulation presents a host of many challenges for food manufacturers. Stevia solutions replicate the key properties of sugar while also remaining cost-effective.

Stevia extract reduces signs of fatty liver disease

Source: Medical News Today

Top view of fresh stevia leaves

Recent landmark research from Children’s Hospital LA shows “stevia extract could represent an exciting future approach to treatment” of fatty liver disease.

Sugar kicked out of Aussies’ drinks preference

Source: Food & Drink Business

Soda Cans Unopened

A new longitudinal study over 22 years has found Australians have shifted their beverage preferences to more low and no-sugar varieties, with health a major factor in the changing consumption habits.

How the sugar showdown is sparking a food revolution

Source: Food Dive

Woman holds up a donut

Research by Mintel reveals that 52% of consumers now prioritize scrutinizing nutritional labels for total sugar, making it the No. 1 overall consideration over fat and calories.

What’s the Buzz Around Stevia

Source: The Food Institute

A pile of stevia powder

Online conversations around stevia grew 2X between 2015 – 2018 according to this study. Also, stevia remains the most talked about sweetener amongst low-calorie sugar alternatives.

Salma Hayek is making a ‘smoothie slash cocktail’ that will ‘get you happy’ during lockdown

Source: Yahoo! News

Salma Hayek

To help fans survive the lockdown, actress Salma Hayek shares her take on the popular “Quarantini” — sweetened with, of course, calorie-free stevia.

Published June 13th, 2020