SoPure Stevia Webinar: Glucosyl Stevia and Reb E

With industry conferences and trade shows suspended these days, the SoPure team has been looking at taking our industry roadshow and seminars virtual. As such, we’re excited to share our “SoPure Stevia Technology Snapshot” presentation which was originally prepared for the 2020 Clean Label Conference, a Global Food Forums event.

The presentation by Technical Director Hank Wang focuses on Glucosyl Stevia and Reb E, a lesser known but especially promising glycoside of the Stevia plant. The seminar was ranked among the top submissions by the event’s Technology Snapshot Advisory Panel and is now available to watch online.

Hank offers valuable insights on how stevia may be well-known for its sweetness, but that new stevia-based natural flavors can also provide more mouthfeel and offer flavor-blocking capabilities. In particular, Glucosyl or enzyme-modified stevia exhibit great potential due to their cleaner taste and lower cost. In addition, Reb E is an emerging glycoside that has less off-notes compared to Reb A.

Technology Snapshot: Glucosyl Stevia and Reb E Presentation Link

Presentation Highlights

  • What is glycosylation and how does the process produce unique stevia glycosides?
  • How can food and beverage producers utilize stevia glycosides?
  • What are the six FEMA certified stevia glycosides and how do they differ?
  • What are the compositions of the six glucosylated steviol glycosides?
  • Which products utilize glucosyl stevia?
  • What use level/composition qualifies glucosyl stevia as “natural flavor” or “all natural?”
  • What are the properties of Reb E?
  • What is Bio-Conversion and how does it produce targeted steviol glycosides?

Samples of the various steviol glycosides featured in the presentation are also available upon request. If you’d like a sample or to speak with one of our consultants on the topics covered in our presentation, please send us an inquiry on our Contact Us page.

Published May 17th, 2020