Top Stevia Myths Debunked

Stevia Will Kill You! And Other Ridiculous Myths

Hello, and welcome back to our blog. In our previous posts we have mainly focused on the benefits of stevia over sugar and other sugar substitutes. Because we are feeling sassy today, we are going to go the opposite direction with this post and talk about some of the negative myths that have cropped up around the stevia plant. These myths are intended to paint stevia in a negative light, and today we are going to debunk a few of the top ones we have heard. Misinformation is detrimental to any market, and we here at So Pure Stevia want to help put your mind at ease about stevia and stevia extracts.

Myth 1: Stevia is Bad for You

This myth is by far the most pervasive. It seems that thousand of articles and opinion pieces have popped over the years claiming that stevia is horrible for people to ingest. These articles site a list of reasons why stevia is bad for people, but none of them seem to have any evidence to support their claims. Stevia has been consumed by cultures in South America for thousands of years with no adverse effects. This bit of information seems to get ignored by those who are trying to make a case against stevia, and when reminded of it, they are quick to dismiss it. Here at So Pure Stevia, we are firm believers in the safety of stevia and have conducted multiple studies to ensure that it has no negative effects on the people who consume it.

Myth 2: Stevia is Bad for Pregnant Women

Another common myth that we hear is that stevia should not be consumed by women who are pregnant. Proponents of this myth claim that stevia can have all sort of negative effects on expecting mothers and can, in some cases, even cause these women to miscarry. As is the case with most myths, these claims are supported only by anecdotal evidence that have no basis in scientific research. In multiple studies, researchers have concluded that stevia poses no risk to women who are pregnant and exhibits no abortifacient qualities. While we do recommend that our customers use stevia in moderation, just like anything else, expectant mothers should not worry about any negative effects associated with the use of stevia or stevia extracts.

Myth 3: Stevia Extracts Aren’t Natural, Therefore They are Bad

The final myth we will cover is one of the most detrimental to stevia. We have read a plethora of articles splattered across the internet accusing stevia products of being unnatural. They claim that because many stevia products are actually stevia extracts, stevia producers are trying to fool the public into thinking their products are all natural. When studied, even for a moment, this myth does not hold up. While it is true that many stevia products on the market are made from stevia extracts, how does this make them any less natural? Is table sugar any less natural because it is extracted from sugarcane or sugar beets? Are essential oils any less natural than the sources they are extracted from? Stevia extracts are simply the refined form of the sweetening properties naturally found in the stevia plant. Calling them unnatural is simply wrong.

We hope that this post has helped to clear up some of the misconceptions that seem to surround stevia. At SoPure Stevia we offer a wide range of stevia products including steviol glycosides, stevia Reb-A, and high purity stevia proprietary blends. Contact us today to request a sample, and see how stevia can change your life for the better.