SoPure Stevia Product Rundown

We Offer a Wide Range of Stevia Extracts

In our previous posts, we have focussed mainly on the history, usage, and legality of stevia and stevia extracts. Today, we thought we would shake it up a bit. At SoPure Stevia we offer a wide range of stevia products, and we realized that you, the customer, may not know exactly what these products are or what they are intended for. In today’s post, we are going to go over the stevia products we offer, and give a little information about each one. If this sounds like something you are interested in continue reading below!

Stevia Extracts Come in Many Forms


  • High Purity SoPure Stevia Reb-A: Rebaudioside A is one of the most well known forms of stevia currently available on the market. At SoPure Stevia, we offer Reb-A extracts ranging from 80 percent purity to 99 percent purity. The intended application largely influences the level of purity that is desired from a stevia extract. For example, 80 percent pure Reb-A is ideal for applications where cost in use is important. 99 percent pure Reb-A on the other hand is desirable for applications where intense sweetness and pure taste is important. Whatever the purity level, we at SoPure Stevia have the product to fit the application.
  • Total Steviol Glycosides: At SoPure Stevia, we offer two levels of steviol glycosides: 95 percent and 90 percent. The percentage level refers to the overall glycoside content of the extract, meaning that at least that percentage of the content are comprised of the 11 glycosides in the stevia leaf. Our 95 percent total steviol glycosides are a standardized stevia extract in powder form that has a similar taste to our Reb-A extracts but at a slightly lower cost. Our 90 percent total steviol glycosides were specially developed for use in dietary supplements only. This allows us at SoPure Stevia to offer a quality sweetening alternative at a cost effective price point for the average consumer.
  • High Purity Proprietary Blends: Our High Purity SoPure stevia Proprietary Blends offer unique solutions to the demands of consumers. Through the extraction process, we are able to extract and purify all minor steviol glycosides that exist within the leaves of the stevia plant. This refining process allows us to create proprietary blends of the steviol glycosides that exhibit unique flavor and sweetness profiles. In layman’s terms, we are able to extract the exact amount of each steviol glycoside that is desired, giving the customer complete control on flavor and sweetness level contained within the blend.
  • Reb-A 98%+Non-GMO Erythritol Blends: These blends have been specifically engineered to be a one-stop solution for sweetening needs. These blends are a zero-calorie blend of our SoPure Stevia Reb-A 98% extract and Erythritol, a sugar alcohol that has been used in sweetening applications for decades. These blends are non-dusting, free flowing, and eliminate the need to blend separate ingredients together to ensure uniform distribution of the stevia extract. These blends are perfect for use in food and beverage applications.
  • SoPure Stevia-Based Natural Flavors: The newest product in our lineup are our naturally flavored, stevia-based extracts. Through the use of our proprietary technology, we have been able to infuse our stevia extracts with natural flavors. This opens up a whole new world in terms of the uses of stevia extracts, and we are excited to be able to offer this product to the public.


We hope that this blog has helped to shed a little more light on the products we offer at SoPure Stevia. For more information on our stevia extracts, or to request a sample of our products, visit our website today.