Stevia Use For Diabetics

If You are Diabetic, Stevia Might be the Wonder Sweetener You Need

According to a survey conducted by the Center For Disease Control in 2014, it is estimated that 29.1 million people in the United States Suffer from either type I or type II diabetes. To put it in another form, that means that a little over 9 percent of the entire population in this country have diabetes. It is also estimated that another 86 million Americans, more than one in three adults, show signs of having prediabetes (a condition where blood sugar levels are higher than what is normal but not high enough to considered type II diabetes). If these statistics alarm you, they should. While type I diabetes is something that people can’t control, type II diabetes is almost always a result of poor diet, health, and a lack of exercise. People with diabetes experience increased risk of heart disease, stroke, vision loss, kidney failure, and amputation of toes, feet, or legs due to inadequate blood flow. With these alarming statistics in mind, we here at SoPure Stevia wanted to take a moment to talk about the beneficial effect that stevia could have for those individuals who are suffering from diabetes.

Stevia can Help Diabetics Manage Their Disease

Individuals with diabetes must constantly be aware of their blood sugar levels. Too much or too little sugar in the blood can lead to a host of problems and, for many diabetics, this means that regular blood sugar levels must be taken with a blood sugar monitor. Unfortunately, just because diabetics have to vigilantly monitor the level of sugar that they consume on a daily basis doesn’t mean that they don’t still crave sugar. Luckily for them, stevia and stevia extracts are now being considered by many healthcare professionals as an effective way for those with diabetes to quench their cravings while avoiding any detrimental effects. Below, we have listed a few key facts about stevia as it relates to diabetes.

  • Stevia’s Effect on Blood Glucose: Steviol glycosides, which are the isolated sweetening components of the Stevia plant, has no discernable effect on the blood glucose level of individuals with with either type I or type II diabetes. In a study published in the Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology journal, it was shown that blood glucose levels taken from patients who had consumed stevia extract were not significantly different from the original baseline measurements of the patients before they consumed any stevia. This is significant for those with diabetes because it means that they can enjoy the sweet taste of sugar without having to worry about potentially life threatening spikes in blood glucose levels.
  • Stevia’s Effect on Insulin Sensitivity: While this stevia extract benefit is still being evaluated, studies have shown that steviol glycosides might have a beneficial effect on insulin sensitivity. In a 2005 study, lab rats were given a diet consisting of 60 percent fructose and were then given stevioside, an extract of the stevia plant. It was found that the stevioside decreased plasma-glucose concentrations, improved insulin sensitivity, and delayed  the development of insulin resistance. While more research needs to be completed, this is exciting news for those individuals who suffer from diabetes. Not only could they benefit from the sweetening power of stevioside, but the stevia extract could also help to improve the way their body interacts with insulin.
  • Stevia’s Effect on Weight Control: One of the most important things for people with diabetes and prediabetes to keep a handle on is their weight. Effective weight control can not only help to alleviate many of the worst side effects of diabetes, in the case of type II diabetes it can actually help to completely reverse insulin resistance. Stevia extracts have no calories. Sugar, on the other hand, contains about 4 calories per gram. Considering that over 80 percent of people with type II diabetes are overweight, stevia extracts could be an effective way for them to still sweeten their food without ingesting an abundance of empty calories.

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