6 Reasons To Use Stevia Is The Best Sugar Alternative

Stevia Sweetens in a Safe, Healthy Way

Though the United States government is still skeptical of the benefits of stevia, the citizens have found that stevia not only works as an incredible sweetener but does not carry the same adverse health effects as sugar and other sugar substitutes. Here at SoPure Stevia, one of the world’s leading wholesale stevia suppliers, we want to help spread the good word about stevia. We feel that stevia, above all other sugar substitutes, offers the best sweetening power in the healthiest way. In today’s post, we are going to list six reasons that make stevia the obvious choice when trying to cut sugar out of your diet. Continue reading below to learn more.

Stevia is a Natural Plant-based Sweetener

Despite the FDA’s historical unwillingness to allow stevia to be used in large-scale commercial applications, you can find stevia in many forms in your local grocery store. The most typical form of stevia found today is powdered stevia, however, it is possible to find liquid stevia extracts, granulated stevia, and, in some cases, whole leaf stevia products. Below, we have listed six reasons you should consider stevia before choosing other sugar substitutes.

  • Metabolizes Completely: The most touted benefit of stevia in comparison to other sugar substitutes, is that stevia completely metabolizes in the body. This means that when you consume stevia you will not be adding any calories into your system. Stevia can accomplish this because it is not absorbed by the liver, colon, kidneys, or digestive tract. The glucose molecules released when stevia is consumed pass through the body without leaving any residuals and are carried away through urination.
  • Stevia’s Inexpensive: While the initial cost of stevia is in line with other sugar substitutes, it is actually cheaper in the long run than all other options. Why? Because stevia is up to 300 times sweeter than sugar, less needs to be used to get the same sweet taste that you crave. You will be surprised at how little stevia is needed to sweeten your food and beverages.
  • Stevia’s Easy to Cook With: Another benefit of stevia is that it is easy to cook with. Stevia to sugar ratios can be easily found on the internet for a variety of recipes and because of its chemical structure stevia will not break down during the cooking process. When using stevia in food remember, liquid stevia extracts are perfect for beverages, powdered stevia is best for soups and sauces, and granulated stevia is ideal for baking.
  • Stevia is Great When Dieting: For many people, the hardest part of sticking to a diet is giving up desserts and other sweets. However, because stevia is naturally carbohydrate and calorie free, it can be utilized during a diet without any feelings of guilt. To make a sweet, healthy treat simply substitute some or all of the sugar that a dessert recipe calls for. Now you have a delicious dessert that fits within the parameters of your diet.
  • Use Stevia in Herbal Applications: If you have read some of our previous blogs, you are probably aware that while stevia acts as an amazing sweetening agent, it has other benefits as well. The Guarani Indians of South America, likely the first people to discover and use stevia, have used stevia to improve digestion, treat skin ailments, as an antiseptic agent, and to promote healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Grow Stevia at Home: Okay, so while this isn’t exactly a benefit of stevia, it’s still pretty neat. Because stevia is derived from a plant, you could grow your very own source of stevia in your herb garden. For optimal growth, we suggest that you start with a stevia seedling and place it in an area that receives a lot of light.

As you can see, when it comes to choosing a sugar substitute, stevia should be at the top of your list. With zero calories, zero carbohydrates, unbelievable sweetening power, and added health benefits, stevia isn’t just a sweetener, it’s an all around super supplement. Next time you are in need of stevia, contact us at SoPure Stevia. Our high-quality stevia extracts provide amazing sweetening power while maintaining a pure taste. To learn more about our powdered, liquid, and granulated stevia extracts visit our website today.