SoPure’s Chicago Roadshow

The SoPure team has enjoyed a busy November so far with our Chicago roadshow at the IFT Annual Suppliers’ Night on November 1st and the 2017 Sweetener Systems Conference on November 7th.

Chicago Suppliers’ IFT is the largest regional IFT show in the US. Hank Wang was on hand to showcase and sample a grape beverage formula deliciously sweetened with SoPure stevia. The demo even won over some food scientists at the event who thought they wouldn’t like stevia’s taste, but were then pleasantly surprised after trying a sample. The taste profile of stevia has certainly come a long way over the years and newly found glycosides don’t have the off-notes and aftertaste of previous generations of stevia.

The Sweetener Systems Conference was filled with some of the best and brightest sweetener experts in the industry. The day was filled with great project discussions on fiber, protein and baking applications for stevia. SoPure’s lemonade samples provided good discussion points on how easy it is to achieve a 60% sugar reduction and still maintain a taste very similar to full sugar control. If you’d like to see SoPure stevia in action for yourself or if you’re looking for consultation on optimal formulation with stevia for your products, please reach out to one of our experts here.