SoPure en México

SoPure en México

Nascent Health Sciences and the SoPure team headed to Mexico City for the recent 2018 Food Tech Summit. The Food Tech Summit is the premier Food and Beverage industry trade show for Mexico and Latin America with over 350 exhibitors presenting their products and services in addition to sharing sensory experiences and innovations.

Nascent shared a booth with our stevia distributor in the Mexican region: FX Morales. We were able to gather very valuable feedback and intelligence that will help us expand our Latin American market share as well as formulate strategy and products to benefit our distribution partners like FX Morales.

Latin America has some unique challenges when it comes to applying stevia into food and beverage applications. Cost is a very big driver of product decisions in Latin America, according to the many industry peers that we met and spoke with at the event. In addition, the explosive growth of new products in Latin America eclipses other geographies and shows that there’s a real demand for stevia formulations that are tailored for the flavor profiles of Latin American consumers. The challenge will be to increase marketplace knowledge around stevia with our Latin America partners and to formulate the right stevia blends that minimize costs.

Our trip to the Food Tech Summit would not have been nearly as successful without the special help of our Mexican distribution partners: FX Morales and Pharmchem. The Nascent team received tremendous hospitality from our hosts and it was truly special to experience firsthand how each of our partners differentiate themselves. FXM has guiding principles which focus on curating a familial culture and facilitating intimacy and faith in God. Pharmchem blew us away with the innovative flavor profiles of their custom stevia blends.

Looking ahead, one of the keys to success for both Nascent and our partners will surely be knowledge sharing. As a global leader of stevia supply, Nascent must continue to invest resources into providing knowledge, training and education to our distribution partners. We look forward to holding more workshop sessions as part of our stevia education initiative in the rest of this year and beyond.