Use Stevia In Your Favorite Beverages

Stevia can Take the Place of Sugar in Your Favorite Beverages

In the world of beverages, sugar is king. From soda to cocktails, coffee to tea, sugar is used all over the world to sweeten beverages that would otherwise be too bitter to consume. At SoPure Stevia, we would like to see this trend change. You see, dear reader, while sugar certainly does a good job sweetening things, it also comes with a host of side effects that you may not particularly enjoy. Weight gain, high blood sugar, sugar cravings, and intestinal issues can all stem from an overabundance of sugar in an individual’s diet. With these side effects in mind, is it really worth it to still consume large amounts of sugar? What if we told you there was another way, a better way? A way that you can still sweeten your beverages but eliminate all of the harmful effects that sugar has on the human body. Lucky for you, that is exactly what we are going to do in today’s blog post.

Stevia Does it Better

That’s right, we said it; Stevia does it better. If you think there is no possible way that another product could take the place of sugar in your favorite beverage, you are mistaken. While the world of soda is still dependent upon sugar, beverages that you make at home do not have to be. Taking control of the amount of sugar you consume is entirely possible, all it takes is a little bit of diligence. Below, we have listed some common beverages that people enjoy and how liquid stevia is a better sweetener for them than sugar.

  • Coffee: If you are like the majority of Americans, your morning is not complete without a cup of steaming hot coffee to wake you up. For millions of people, this beverage is an essential part of their morning routine and, unfortunately, so is adding a heaping spoon of sugar to their morning cup of joe. While we understand the reasoning behind adding sugar to coffee (after all coffee is rather bitter) we believe that stevia is a better option. Granulated stevia sweetens coffee as well as sugar, dissolves as well as sugar, and yet does not add a bunch of empty calories. If all you are looking for is sweetening power, stevia is significantly better for your health than sugar.
  • Tea: Let’s say coffee isn’t your thing and you are more inclined to enjoy a nice cup of tea in the morning. Though many people don’t realise it, tea can be just as strong as a cup of coffee in the morning and just as bitter. Again, if all you are looking for to get out of sugar is its ability to sweeten your beverage, stevia is a much better choice. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself.
  • Cocktails: Surprisingly enough, many of your favorite mixed drinks are loaded with sugar. While some sugar is naturally found in the alcohol that the drink is made with, more often than not your bartender is adding an extra helping to further sweeten the drink. The most common form of sugar added to mixed drinks is liquid sugar or, as it is referred to in the restaurant industry, simple syrup. Simple syrup is produced by adding large amounts of sugar to hot water until it dissolves. The resulting concoction is a viscous liquid that is loaded with sugar. When making a mixed drink at home, we suggest that you replace any simple syrup that is called for by the recipe with liquid stevia extract. Not only will you be adding less liquid to your drink, resulting in less dilution, but you will be eliminating a ton of excess sugar.
  • Smoothies: Although many health aficionados would shudder at the thought of adding extra sugar to their smoothie, lots  of people do. With certain smoothies, especially those containing a large amount of vegetables, fruit just can’t quite mask the taste. To combat this, people will add sugar to improve the taste of their smoothie. Unfortunately, adding a bunch of extra sugar to a smoothie kind of eliminates most of the health benefits associated with said smoothie. Luckily, stevia once again comes to the rescue. If you just can’t stomach a smoothie without a little extra sweetness, try a few drops of liquid stevia extract. Not only will it make the smoothie sweet, it won’t add any extra calories.

When you are ready to start exploring the world of stevia, give our website a visit. At SoPure Stevia we are dedicated to producing stevia extracts that have the cleanest possible taste and the greatest amount of sweetening power. We control the production of our stevia from seed to extract to ensure that our products are the best available. Contact us today to learn more.