Baking With Liquid Stevia Extract

Liquid Stevia Extract Can Replace Sugar in Your Next Recipe

Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Here at SoPure Stevia, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality stevia products available on the market. In today’s post, we wanted to give our readers a few tips on how to use liquid stevia extracts as a replacement for sugar in their next baking recipe.

Be Healthy, Substitute That Sugar

In baking, sugar not only sweetens the food being made, it also adds bulk and moistens the finished product. If you replace the sugar in your recipe with a liquid stevia extract, you need to be sure to make up for the lost bulk and moisture with another product or you might end up with a flat, dry version of whatever baked good you are trying to produce. To help with this process, we have listed a few easy steps that you can follow to ensure that your baked goods do not suffer from the lack of sugar.

  • Step 1: First, you need to determine how much sugar the recipe calls for. Once you have determined this, substitute about 1 tsp. Of liquid stevia extract per cup of sugar that the recipe calls for.
  • Step 2: After you have determined how much liquid stevia extract you are going to use, mix all of the dry ingredients required for the recipe in a large mixing bowl. Once you have mixed all of the dry ingredients together, set your mixing bowl aside.
  • Step 3: To account for the missing bulk of the sugar, add ⅓ cup of extra liquid per cup of sugar called for. You can either use extra liquid that is already present in the recipe, or you can add an alternative bulking agent such as plain yogurt, egg whites, water, or apple butter.
  • Step 4: Lastly, combine all of the ingredients as you normally would and add your liquid stevia extract to the recipe. Bake for the appropriate amount of time and enjoy your stevia-infused baked good!

With a little extra effort, replacing the sugar in your recipe with liquid stevia extract will provide the same exact sweetening power with none of the negative calories associated with excessive amounts of sugar. While we suggest around 1 tsp. Of liquid stevia extract per cup of sugar, this conversion can be played with in order to suit your tastes and preferences.

Why Replace the Sugar With Liquid Stevia Extract?

By replacing the sugar in your baking recipe with a natural liquid stevia extract from SoPure Stevia, you will produce a baked good with the same sweet taste you expect with a fraction of the calories. Additionally, eliminating excess sugar from your diet has a myriad of health benefits including better insulin production, less buildup of fat, and less damage to your teeth. While sugars are an important component of a healthy diet, excess sugar has no positive benefits for your body.

To learn more about our liquid stevia extracts, or any of our other natural stevia products, visit our website today. As one of the world’s largest providers of natural stevia extracts, we here at SoPure Stevia want everyone to have the sweet taste they crave without the negative effects that excess sugar can have on the body.