Stevioside: What You Need To Know

What’s the Deal With Stevioside?

Researching stevia is not always the easiest endeavor. Anyone who spends time trying to learn more about stevia will quickly realize that most of the available literature delves into some pretty intimidating scientific terms. In today’s post, we are going to focus on a term that comes up a lot, stevioside. We hope that by the end of this post, you, the reader, have a better understanding of exactly what stevioside is and isn’t and why it is an important word to understand in the world of stevia extracts.

Stevioside is a Derivative of the Stevia Plant

Stevia, in its natural plant form, is not the same as the substance so many people have become familiar with. In plant form, stevia is naturally sweet, however, there is a noticeable after taste that most people compare to black licorice. Since black licorice is not a flavor that the majority of people are fond of, researchers wanted to find a way to utilize the sweetening properties of stevia while simultaneously eliminating this unwanted aftertaste. Stevioside is the result of this research. Stevioside is an all natural extract of the stevia plant and is typically distilled into white or off-white powder. This powder contains all of the sweetening power of stevia without any of the unwanted aftertaste commonly associated with the plant. Pure stevioside is 100 percent natural, carbohydrate free, calorie free, and fat free.

Who Benefits Most From Stevioside?

Because of its amazing natural properties, stevioside has garnered interest from several groups. Those who suffer from diabetes, for example, have reported that stevioside has helped them to properly control their blood sugar while still allowing them to experience sweet tasting foods. Overall, however, we here at SoPure Stevia feel that stevioside is able to be utilized by a wide range of people. For those who are just looking for a safe and effective way to limit the amount of sugar they consume due to dietary restrictions, stevioside is an ideal alternative to sugar. Because stevioside passes through the human body unmetabolized, it will not cause a person to gain weight and, as some research suggests, can actually help to reduce cravings. Because stevioside stimulates the area of the brain that controls hunger in a positive way, ingesting stevioside can, in some cases, cause an individual to feel fuller than they actually are. For those people who have strict diets, this benefit is one of the most powerful.

Stevioside is having a major impact on the world of sugar substitutes and, honestly, we couldn’t be more excited. At SoPure Stevia, we are already firm believers that stevioside and other natural stevia extracts are the future of sugar substitutes. These substances contain all of the sweetening power of sugar (in many cases much more sweetening power) and the more research that is conducted on the substances the better. The FDA has, unfortunately, been less than active when it comes to approving the use of stevioside in commercial food and beverage production, however, the more popular stevioside becomes the more likely it is that the FDA will have to take a definitive stance on whether or not these substances can be used in commercial applications.
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