Total steviol glycoside (TSG) 95% extracts refer to the overall glycoside content of the extract, meaning that at least 95% of the content are comprised of the 11 glycosides in the stevia leaf. According to the U.S. FDA and the World Health Organizations’ (WHO) Joint Executive Committee on Food Additive (JECFA), stevia extracts that have a TSG content of 95% or greater are safe to use in food and beverage applications.

TSG95% extracts are standardized stevia extracts in powder form having taste profile characteristics similar to SoPure Stevia Reb A extracts but at a slightly lower cost.

Because TSG content can vary, especially in terms of Reb-A percentage, SoPure Stevia offers several different grades to guarantee that you are getting the same product every time.

SoPure Stevia TSG 95% Extracts:

  • TSG95%, Reb-A 60% (Product Code – RA-60)
  • TSG95%, Reb-A 50% (Product Code – RA-50)