SoPure Reb-A 98% + Erythritol Blends are zero calorie, co-processed blends of SoPure Stevia Reb-A 98% Extract and Erythritol. These products are non-dusting, free flowing like sugar and eliminate the need to blend these ingredients and provide a uniform distribution of the stevia throughout the erythritol. SoPure Stevia + Erythritol Blends are ideal for all dry blend applications where sugar replacement requires a natural, zero calorie substitute in the production of sugar free and sugar reduced food and beverage products.

Our blends are a one-step solution for your products’ sweetener needs.

SoPure Stevia + Non-GMO Erythritol Blends:

  • SoPure Reb-A 98% + Erythritol Blend 1:1 – Equal Sweetness to Sucrose
  • SoPure Reb-A 98% + Erythritol Blend 2:1 – Twice the Sweetness of Sucrose
  • SoPure Reb-A 98% + Erythritol Blend 5:1 – Five Times the Sweetness of Sucrose