SoPure Stevia offers two ready-to-use options – SoPure Stevia Tablets and SoPure Stevia Sachets – for those wanting to make their own stevia branded product, but would like a simple, out of the box solution to doing so.

SoPure Stevia Tablets

SoPure Stevia tablets are a convenient for any consumer to sweetener their favorite beverage. These tablets are best used in hot beverages, such as coffee and tea, and dissolve quickly when added to the drink. Manufactured by Health Care Products, Ltd., SoPure Stevia Tablets are comprised of SoPure Reb-A 98% and other ingredients to enhance the taste and functionality.

SoPure Stevia Sachets

SoPure Stevia Sachets are an easy, accessible and neat way to sweeten beverages and foods at home, in the office or on the go. The sachets provide the convenience of sugar and artificial sweetener packets but as an all natural, zero calorie formulation. These sachets are also ideal for those in the food service and restaurant industry. Our stevia sachets are formulated using SoPure Reb-A 98% and erythritol.